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Detective Fury continues to connect the dots regarding Dr.

The PLLs find a connection that leads them to suspect someone new could be A. Later, Mona tries to help Hanna figure out A. Aria sabotages Ally and Emily on orders from A. Ezra is told by their publisher that he should go on the press tour alone, and Aria knows why. Aria misses his event as she is out conducting A. The PLLs start to believe they know who A. Detective Fury continues his investigation, despite facing a setback.

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Mona outs Aria for helping A. Aria later learns new information about Dr. The PLLs start to consider the possibility they could be facing prosecution. Hanna and Caleb make strides in their relationship.

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Spencer and Toby spend a final night together, and Emily and Ali do the same. When she tries to make the sacrifice, Ezra intervenes with a plan, but things quickly take an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Ezra, Hanna and Spencer grow suspicious of Mona and confront her. Later, secrets are revealed about an interaction between Mona and Charlotte. Emily and Ally enjoy domestic bliss, Hanna, Caleb, and Aria have burgeoning careers, and Spencer receives a welcome visit from Toby.

Ezra and Aria have fun discussing their on-screen sex scene from Season 6 in this 5 minute featurette. Creators dish on what it takes to get these scenes from the sheets to the screen! Perhaps the lines of love are blurred on screen and off? In this tell-all, the cast and creators share all the details!

The Ultimate Suspect Discuss the reveal of A. The Vampire Diaries Afficher sur iTunes.

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Jane the Virgin Saison 3 Afficher sur iTunes. Reign Afficher sur iTunes. Devious Maids Saison 4 Afficher sur iTunes. Scream Queens Afficher sur iTunes. In the seventh season premiere, it's life or death for one of the PLLs. With the fallout of Hanna's abduction still weighing heavily on the PLLs, the Liars begin to grow suspicious of Elliott Rollins as Ali's condition worsens.

Still reeling from the trauma of Hanna's abduction and dark fate, the Liars must shift their focus to another one of their own. Jason returns to town to stop Ali from getting too close to Mary. Emily pursues a position as the Rosewood High swim coach, only to learn that her ex-girlfriend Paige is also up for the job.

One of the PLLs goes rogue to prove that Noel Kahn is Uber A, while the others try to find evidence to back her theory and worry about her emotional state. The PLLs confront old foes head-on and mayhem ensues in the summer finale of the hit original series. Could a high schooler be part of A.

Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events. Emily wonders how she should handle the situation with Ally and their baby and Paige makes her feelings clear. The police pressure Spencer about Dr.

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The Police serve warrants to search all the PLLs. The police continue their suspicion of the PLLs, and Aria comes up with a solution to help. Steamy scenes can be fun for viewers to watch, but comedy for an actor to perform. Listen to Ian and Lucy share their experiences in bringing their characters together for the most dramatic act of romance ever seen on PLL! Discussion of mid season finale cliffhanger of Mary being Spencer's birth mother. In this highly anticipated scene of Caleb and Hanna finally getting back together, fans will be glued to their screens while watching the two of them reunite passionately and romantically, as they did in the memorable tent scene years ago.

Cast and Exec Producers thank the fans in a direct to camera good bye. Discuss the reveal of A.

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Cast and exec producers wrap up season 7, with a look back at the years, discussing the finale and saying Good Bye. Paz rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Tiffany rated it really liked it Jan 08, CandiceWH rated it liked it May 15, Maddie rated it it was ok Jun 21, Ledeyna rated it liked it Aug 24, Caroline Clemmons rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Jade Mather rated it liked it Sep 07, Sienna Hendrickx rated it did not like it Apr 11, Daphney rated it did not like it Jan 16, Jenelle rated it it was amazing Sep 06, Samyogita rated it liked it Oct 22, Nicolas rated it did not like it Jun 13, Kinnari rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Louise rated it really liked it Jan 04, Jonie Roosemont rated it really liked it Sep 21, Katelyn rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Caroline rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Stella rated it really liked it Oct 04, Alondra rated it did not like it Nov 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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