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Meanwhile, on Earth, humans are still being terrorized by the Alien infestation-and worse, it looks like the planet is somehow starting to change, to reform, but into what? This issue we're in for lots of female trouble when Ripley and her crew travel to the Aliens' home planet in an effort to capture the Alien Queen mother. Her highness has other plans, however, as she sends her "babies" to take out Ripley's team, leaving the two species' feistiest females to battle it out one-on-one! Meanwhile, the armored personnel carrier, which has transported the crew to the Alien hive , is headed for a nuclear meltdown -- leaving our team stranded on the planet with no way to return to their ship!

All the stops are out! Ripley and her crew transport the Alien Queen Mother to Earth and prepare themselves for the final showdown.

Alien Earth

While Ripley is rigging bombs for a major meltdown of both the planet and its alien infestation, Newt is stealing away to try to save the life of a lone little girl. With the clock ticking down, Newt is lost inside a mountain teeming with the alien horde- and Ripley finds herself exactly where she wants to be: Official description of re-issue as Aliens: Billie only wanted what all children want -- the warmth and security of family, the human connectedness that comes from belonging.

What she got was a nightmare without end.

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Dark Horse is proud to present the third volume in the remastered Aliens series, Aliens: After its original comic book release from June-Oct. Earth War was collected and released in a trade paperback version in July with a new cover by Bolton.

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In the mental institute, Billie learns that the doctors intend to lobotomize her in a last-ditch attempt to cure her of her nightmares. She is visited by Wilks, and it is revealed that she is also a survivor of Rim — she was the only member of the civilian colony to escape the planet alive, and Wilks was the Marine who rescued her.

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This revelation stuns Billie, who now realizes that her terrible dreams were in fact memories and not, as she had been led to believe, delusional hallucinations. Billie informs Wilks of what the doctors intend to do to her, but she is carried off by orderlies while Wilks is sent away.

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However, before the lobotomy can be carried out, Wilks returns, breaks into the institute and frees Billie. With little alternative, Billie agrees to join the expedition to the Xenomorph planet and Wilks hides her in a hypersleep pod hidden in the cargo hold of their ship, the USS Benedict. Once the crew awakes near their destination and Billie's presence is revealed, it is too late for Stephens to do anything about the stowaway and the team presses on to their objective.

Billie quickly enters a relationship with Bueller , one of the Marines, despite Wilks' protests. It also becomes apparent that there is a saboteur on board when some of the Marines end up dead or missing.

An Alien's Guide To Earth

The situation escalates when, upon reaching the Xenomorph planet, the Benedict is boarded and commandeered by a team of mercenary androids. The Marines and the ship's crew are all either subdued or killed, but Billie manages to evade capture as she is absent from the ship's manifest. The mercenaries' leader, an expert assassin named Massey , explains that he has been hired by Bionational Corporation to stop the military obtaining a Xenomorph specimen, as the company fears this development will impact the profits from their own Xenomorph research, being carried out in secret at a lab facility in Lima, Peru.

Stephens is revealed to be the saboteur and is in league with the mercenaries, but Massey points out that his duplicity makes him untrustworthy and executes him.

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Wilks is held prisoner aboard the Benedict while the other Marines are deployed on the planet's surface below — unarmed — to act as bait for the Xenomorphs. Despite eliminating the mercenary androids guarding them and taking their weapons, most of the Marines are killed or taken by the Xenomorphs, while Bueller leads the few that are left into a large Hive to try and rescue those that have been captured. On the Benedict , Billie frees Wilks and the two manage to kill Massey and retake the ship, before heading to the planet to rescue any survivors.

They find only three — Bueller, Blake and a Benedict crewman named Parks. However, as they prepare to leave Bueller is attacked by a Xenomorph and torn in half, revealing him to be a synthetic. Wilks confirms all the Marines on the mission bar himself and Stephens had in fact been androids, due to the dangerous nature of the operation.

Billie is devastated by their deceit, but the team is able to escape back to the Benedict with the aid of an Engineer.

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