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Stop setting yourself up for stress and failure, and start setting up your life to support success and ease. A great life is the result of simplifying your life. People often misinterpret what simplify means. When you focus on simplifying your life, you free up energy and time for the work that you enjoy and the purpose for which you are here. In order to create a great life, you will have to make room for it in yours first. A great life is the result of your best effort. Creating a great life requires that you make some adjustments. It may mean re-evaluating how you spend your time, or choosing to spend your money in a different way.

It may mean looking for new ways to spend your energy that coincide with your particular definition of a great life. Life will reward your best effort. Trust me, this will force you to find ways to earn more money to afford things you want to buy or do.

You can also use a vision board to stay focused on your goals and attract the resources and opportunities you need to achieve them! If any of the three reasons I provided resonated with you, it is clear why you are not becoming wealthy. There is no quick fix, but putting in the work and making slight adjustments to your money habits will pay off. You have the power to transform your life.

It all starts in your mind. Here is your homework: Use one of my suggestions. If creating better money habits, achieving your goals, and becoming more successful sound appealing to you, click the button below to download my free success planner. The basic definition of the Law of Attraction states: Positive thoughts have the power to transform our lives for the better, especially our love lives.

Today I want to share a simple technique that focuses on using the Law of Attraction to find your soulmate. Give deep thought to what you want to create in your life. Get in touch with your inner truth, your authentic dreams, your goals, and your heartfelt desires. Honor these and own them without fear, shame, or inhibition. Your dreams and aspirations should serve to ignite the passion within you. One effective way to activate the Law of Attraction in your love life is to create a dream list of your ideal relationship. Your dream list will be a comprehensive overview of your dreams, goals, and desires.

It will represent what you want to be, do, have, and achieve in all areas of your life including relationships. Here are the steps to make an ideal relationship list:. Start by drawing a line down the middle of a sheet of paper.

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  5. 2. Meditation: A Powerful Success Tool!

Then in the other column, turn it around into an opposite statement, saying what it is that you do want. Begin to fill out your T-chart. Then write the opposite of that on the right side: If you want a partner who enjoys an active outdoor lifestyle, write that down on the right. From now on, use the right side of each list and stay focused on what you do want in your life. Completing this exercise will help activate the Law of Attraction in the relationship area of your life.

Completing this also helps you to realize what you want in an ideal partner. Once you release your positive thoughts into the universe, you give it the power to transform your dream mate into a soulmate. Was it easy or was it difficult to construct this dream list? To fully utilize the Law of Attraction in your life, you have to become a vibrational match with whatever it is you want to attract into your life.

This means creating and maintaining an emotional state that matches the one you will experience when you actually get the thing you are focusing on. You can do this by appreciating what you already have, and continually finding more and more things to be grateful for. Learning how to be successful in life can be slow a slow process. Sometimes it can make you feel frustrated at sluggish progress in your success journey — despite all the know-how and principles you rigorously employ.

Can success be sped up? Is there an antidote to slow outcomes despite arduous planning and actions taken? This can cultivate unrealistic expectations, especially the idea that overnight success can happen through careful strategy and an execution of sound advice. The truth be told, success typically follows a series of little events and achievements that can seem to take an eternity, that include a few disappointments along the way, and that challenge everything about you to the core — your stamina, courage, integrity, and even your willingness to keep going.

What this mentally does is engender more of these counter-productive feelings. You attract what you are feeling. So, negative experiences, people, and results will beget more negative experience, people, and results. In order to focus on what is working, I recommend two simple practices: Maintaining a journal or as I like to call it, a gratitude journal is a great way to steer your attention to the positive and continually renew your vision for yourself.

Start each day with reflections on what you are grateful for in your life list them out! Learning how to meditate can be a powerful tool for arriving at solutions to problems and shifting your attitude so you can attract success sooner rather than later. This is where you enter a deeper state of inner peace and joy, tapping into a higher level of creativity that will help usher in the results you want. You may be taking the actions you are used to taking. Every day do five specific things that take you toward your goal. When I set a goal to become a millionaire the year was How long did it take?

It took time for Chicken Soup for the Soul to hit the bestseller lists. You could say our tenure on the New York Times list was more than a decade in the making.

My “101 Lifetime Goals” List (And Why You Should Have One, Too)

So, yes, patience is a virtue. I want to leave you with a bit of homework to complete. Resolve to start a gratitude journal to begin steering your attention to the positive and continually renew your vision for yourself. You have huge dreams and ambitions.

Think back to a few months ago… What were the main goals or intentions you set for yourself or your business? How many have you crossed off the list or made significant progress toward achieving? When they have a goal, they simply refuse to give up until they reach it — no matter what roadblocks life throws in their way. Consider the story of Admiral Robert Peary, who attempted to reach the North Pole seven times before he finally succeeded on try number eight.

Or screenwriter Craig Borten, who wrote the screenplay for Dallas Buyers Club in and struggled for 20 years to get his script turned into a movie — which became a huge success and won numerous awards, including the Oscar for best original screenplay. You can read about them and many other ordinary people who have persevered to achieve extraordinary success in The Success Principles, Chapter I encourage you to review this chapter so you can learn from their examples and be inspired by their stories.

Are your goals simply too big to accomplish in the time you have available? Are you lacking some essential skills required to achieve them? Are you in denial about the amount of support you need?

If you want to achieve your goals, don't focus on them: Reggie Rivers at TEDxCrestmoorParkED

Successful people face these circumstances squarely, heed the warning signs, and take appropriate action, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it might be. Do you need to talk to someone? Ask someone for help? Find a new resource? Make a plan to fix it? Choose one action you can take and then do it. Then keep taking control of your life, taking another action and another action until you get the situation resolved. If you have limiting beliefs or negative thoughts holding you back from reaching your goals, take some time to identify what these thoughts and beliefs are and then transform them into an empowering belief using these four steps:.

I have to do everything by myself. Asking for help is a sign of weakness. I am worthy or receiving all the support I need — and I know it will help me reach my goals faster. Motivation comes from within — but sometimes you need an external nudge to push you forward in the right direction.

You can keep yourself motivated , learn a language, learn management skills, learn sales and marketing strategies, learn better communication, learn about holistic health and more. By devoting more time to developing success-oriented thoughts and attitudes, you are guaranteed to reach your goals faster. When you start a new project, take on a new venture, or put yourself out there, there is usually some fear. Unfortunately, most people let fear stop them from taking the necessary steps to achieve their dreams.

They understand that fear is something to be acknowledged, experienced, and taken along for the ride. And they challenge themselves to take bold action, trusting that they have what it takes to handle the outcome. By taking a leap of faith in the face of fear, you can learn how to regain control of your life. One way you could take a huge leap forward would be to sign up for my five-day personal transformation event, Breakthrough to Success. Or, if you dream of becoming a world-class speaker, trainer, coach, or consultant, sign up for Train the Trainer Online — and become a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer so you can learn my own experiential training methodologies and become a world-class human potential worker.

This online program will show you how to be successful from the comfort of your own home. So those are my five top success tips to help you recharge your intentions and keep moving closer to your ideal life with every action and decision you make. Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments below — and if you know of anyone who might want to learn how to be successful, please feel free to share!

The most successful people in the world did not arrive there by accident. Truly successful people, whether they are millionaires or have just found their true life purpose and get to enjoy living it every day, are in that position for a specific reason: You can work, and work, and work at becoming successful until you are completely burned out.

Believing in yourself is a choice. Successful people assume in favor of themselves and act as if achieving their goals is completely possible. Experts on the science of success have revealed that the brain is a goal-setting organism.

Aim High, But Start Low, Celebrate and Keep Going

And successful people know that if they give a goal to their subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve it. They set high goals that are both realistic and measurable, and they make an effort to work towards those goals every day. Successful people know that if they want to really excel in business, school, and life, they have to go the extra mile. Instead, they focus on exceeding expectation, paying extra attention to detail, and providing quality work above all else.

They make a point to create a vision, set goals, break them down into small steps, visualize and affirm their success, believe in themselves, and then get out there and go for it. They are keenly aware of the fact that nothing happens until they take action. When you take action, you trigger all kinds of things that will inevitably carry you to success. You begin to learn things from your experiences that cannot be learned from listening to others or from reading books. And you begin to attract others who will support and encourage you. Successful people know that when they show appreciation to the people in their lives — such as their employees, loved ones, or colleagues — they not only make those people feel better, but they themselves feel better and more successful.

This is one of the biggest factors in how people become successful. The fact is, people are more likely to help you achieve your goals if they believe that you appreciate their efforts. There is no downside to this. Appreciation costs nothing, and no one has ever complained about being over-appreciated.

Keeping these 5 habits in mind, I want to leave you with a bit of homework to complete. Write down 2 of the habits that I listed above that you feel you can — and should — incorporate into your day-to-day life. To hold yourself accountable, leave a comment below with the habits you plan on adopting.

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  • 1. Mindset: The Importance of Mindset.
  • Download my Big Book of Ideas: Inspirational Quotes to Inspire Your Success to get a powerful dose of inspiration that will fuel your mind to take action and create the life you want. The Importance of Mindset Study after study has shown that the mind is an extremely powerful instrument. Meditation and visualization has been repeatedly proven to: Enhance self-esteem Expand awareness Increase memory Facilitate optimal performance Evoke a more positive attitude Accelerate the learning of difficult subject matter.

    Here is a video that walks you through a 4-part guided meditation for beginners. I wanted to write you a quick note from gorgeous Italy! Needless to say, the energy here in the villa is amazing! May 30, by Jack Canfield Leave a Comment. You can order your copy here: Surround Yourself With Encouraging People Until you reach the point in your self-development where you no longer allow toxic people to hold you back with their victim mentality and their mediocre standards, you have to disconnect from their negative influences at all costs.

    Releasing this anchor in the present is the final step to embracing the future. Forgiveness Puts You Back in the Present In any relationship, you need to make the choice to come from a place of love and forgiveness. Surrender to the Change Think back to a time when you experienced a change and thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to you.

    What happened once you surrendered to the change? Your Limiting Beliefs are Destructive Lastly, limiting your beliefs about your own capabilities or what it takes to succeed could be holding you back from greatness. Believe You are Capable of Greatness Use the power of habit to consciously keep thinking that new thought by repeating it as an affirmation. You Have the Ability to Create Your Life Once you believe you deserve better and that you DO have the ability to achieve greatness, your confidence will begin to soar.

    Success , achievement , ideal life. There are really only two ways to earn more money. One, you can spend less. Two, you can make more.

    My Lifetime Goals List (& Why You Should Have One, Too) | Jack Canfield

    Think About Earning Money Differently In our lifetime many of us have been confronted head-on with having to figure out a way to spend less money. There are many possibilities to do so. The first step in making more money is to decide how much more you want to make. Success , achievement , business success. You need to be aware of how to identify them. Success , achievement , life goals. Here are three reasons that could be keeping you from becoming wealthy… 1. Attachment is a two sided coin. There is your attachment to the present and your attachment to the future. Being overly attached to your current reality will only perpetuate more of the same.

    It's important to recognize when you're commiserating with others about your struggles and your limiting beliefs. What you focus on grows, so spend time focusing on what you want in your life, instead of what you don't want. There is a fine line that comes with focusing on your future. It is important to be clear on what you want, but it's also equally important to not be attached to exactly how it shows up in your life.

    This narrow focus can keep you from seeing the magic of surprise. Your future could be knocking on your door, but you'd ignore the opportunity because it didn't look like you anticipated it to look. In order to be great, it's important to plan, but not to over prepare. Allow for life to surprise you once in a while! Usually on our path to reaching our goals, we end up doing some things that we don't love but are necessary either for our survival or to up level our lives. For a lot of people, this can look like working a job that you don't enjoy or compromising your ideal living situation.

    This is the tricky part. If you really want to achieve greatness, you need to start embodying your greatness now. Not only do great people refuse to waste their energy on resentment, but they also understand that resentment only breeds more of the same.

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    • If you're unhappy or resentful in your current situation, I can guarantee that it's carrying over into all other areas of your life and keeping you from the greatness you desire. A great way to change this is to find a way to fall in love with and be exceedingly grateful for your current situation, no matter what it looks like.

      My best tip to do this is to think of the situation as an opportunity and play in it. Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between your external reality and your internal reality. You can totally trick it into thinking what you want. If you're a waitress waiting to make a big break in the film industry, treat it as a top level, starring role.