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Checkout Your Cart Price. Many well-known artists have attracted criticism for approaching the Nazi genocide in ways that have been deemed ill-conceived or offensive. The Holocaust has even provided material for stand-up comedy and gory Hollywood blockbusters such as Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

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In this book, MatthewBoswell argues that while such works are often shocking, the value of shock should not be lightly dismissed in the context of the Holocaust. Drawing on the philosopher Gillian Rose's criticisms of what she termed 'Holocaust piety' and its claim that the only possible response to the Holocaust is a respectful silence, this book considers how irreverent works of fiction play an important role in shaping our contemporary understanding of the Nazi genocide and also of ourselves, prompting us to reflect on what it means to be human in light of the tragic events that they reference.

Electronic book text Pages: Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Eurocentrism, Sensory Secondary Witnessing and Shame more. However, self-reflexive readings grounded in the senses do little to vitiate the manifold forms of shame that these memorials engender.

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Holocaust Literature and the Taboo more. This essay considers taboos that have developed in and around Holocaust literature, focussing on controversial, fictional responses to the Holocaust, with a particular emphasis on the representation of perpetrators. All of the writers Hybrid Testimony and the Art of Witness more. Through analysis of two The Autobiography of Valentino Achak Deng by Dave Eggers — it considers whether hybrid testimony should be considered a distinct genre in its own right, reflecting on the cultural, historical and political forces that determine the ways that this literature is written and read.

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The Nazi Genocide as a Natural Disaster' more. This affirmative counter-narrative rests on specific interpretations of perpetrator testimony and a Darwinian conception of social growth by way of natural cycles of destruction, with a generation of young and morally rehabilitated Germans outliving the weakened and morally decrepit Nazi regime, and specifically the virulence of Hitler.

Holocaust Impiety In Literature, Popular Music and Film

This essay worries about the fact that this view of history is not all that far removed from the pseudo-philosophy of Hitler himself and calls for a more critical and sceptical engagement with perpetrator testimony. The Journal of Holocaust Studies: John Berryman's Holocaust Requiem more. This essay looks in detail at an unfinished cycle of Holocaust poems called The Black Book that was begun by the American poet John Berryman in The essay includes close readings of three published poems and analysis of unpublished The essay includes close readings of three published poems and analysis of unpublished material from the Berryman archive.

It also considers Berryman's use of Holocaust testimony. Drawing on Susan Gubar's concept of 'proxy-witnessing', this essay argues that Berryman's unfinished cycle highlights some of the distinct challenges of Holocaust representation, occupying an uneasy middle ground between language and silence.

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New Essays on John Berryman Rodopi: Amsterdam and New York , pp. Genre, Authority and Identification more.

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This essay looks at the relationship between Holocaust testimony and fictional works of poetry written by non-victims. The Future of Memory Berghahn: Oxford and New York , pp. This essay offers a fresh perspective on the Holocaust poetry of Sylvia Plath, taking issue with the idea that in her poetry she uses the Holocaust as a metaphor to figure her own personal pain.

This essay offers close readings of the Paying particular attention to the recurring motif of the 'black phone', this essay argues that Plath's Holocaust verse offers a self-aware response to the genocide that is identifiably postmodern in its innovative, self-reflexive treatment of history.